Alvin Business Improvement Grant

The City of Alvin has a Business Incentive Grant Program for new and existing businesses. 

  • The purpose of this program is to promote the development and expansion of new and existing business enterprises within select areas of Alvin and to enhance the economic welfare of the citizens of the City.
  • Our goal is to see improvements that will be visible to the citizens and patrons. This will aid in securing and retaining business enterprises and maintaining a higher level of employment, economic activity, and stability. 
  • The program is a 50/50 matching grant. The grant allows for businesses to apply for a 50% match on downtown business improvements, reimbursable following completion of approved improvements. The City of Alvin currently has allocated $50,000 for the grant program. 
  • Eligible businesses are located in the downtown development area and along the Gordon Street corridor between Highway 6 and FM 1462.
Downtown View of Alvin

Business Resources & Incentives

  1. Pre-Development Meetings (PDM)
  2. Workforce Training
  3. Incentives

Every Thursday the City of Alvin makes available one-hour time slots for developers, individuals, or others planning to develop property in Alvin or its ETJ. Department representatives from the following are available to meet to cover the many issues contained in the development process:

  • Utilities
  • Public works
  • Community development
  • Fire marshal
  • Building inspections
  • EMS
  • Drainage district
  • Economic development 

This will speed up the process and the timeframe that will deliver right to the bottom line of your project. To schedule an appointment, please email Josh Dearing or call 281-388-4281.