Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Here you will find our interactive GIS map designed to address specific topics of interest. Simply click on the link provided (please be patient while it loads), then use the navigation tools to interact with the map. Please note that certain types of data will become visible as you zoom in closer on the map.

GIS Web Map

Information such as land parcels, schools, council districts, utilities can be found on our GIS Web Map. Use the identify tool at the top of the webmap to see elevation and coordinates of GPS monuments and other information about various map features. Benchmark information can be provided in either email or hard copy format upon request.

Flood Protection Information

Review the 2016 Floodplain Community Document (PDF). This is where you can find flood protection information.

Flood Zone Map

The City of Alvin Flood Zone Map (PDF) is a map of the overall city with the FEMA flood zones (Adopted as of December 30, 2020).

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Please report any errors or problems encountered by emailing the GIS Coordinator.