Juvenile Information

Juvenile Classification

Juveniles are persons who are under the age of 17. If you are classified as a Juvenile (under the age of 17) under Texas State law and charged with a traffic or criminal violation, you must appear in Court with a parent or a legal guardian. You may also bring a lawyer, but the presence of your parent/guardian is still required. If you hire an attorney to represent you on the case(s) filed, you must still attend the court hearing with your parent/legal guardian.

  • You may contest a charge by pleading not guilty to the offense filed against you in open court
    If you plead not guilty, you must decide whether or not you want a trial by a Judge or Jury. Your trial will not be held on the same day. Your case(s) will be set for trial, at which time you may present your case to the Court. At your trial, a Judge or Jury will hear the evidence and determine if you are Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • You may enter a plea of guilty or no contest and request community service hours as payment of a fine/cost.
    You may ask the Judge to assign your case for community service as payment of a fine. The number of hours you work is determined by the fine amount and the violation. Community service must be completed at a non-profit organization.

Dress Code

You must wear appropriate clothing when you appear in court, including your parent/legal guardians. No shorts, tank tops, halters, caps or hats are permitted.

Address Notification

You and your parent or legal guardian must provide the Court within seven days with your current address and residence. Failure to keep the Court informed of your new residence may result in failure to appear/failure to notify charges filed against you and your parent or guardian. You must inform the court of your current address and residence until your case is disposed of. Please contact the court for all changes or updated information.