Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission of the City of Alvin will adopt rules, conduct investigations and inspections, and hear appeals for police personnel in accordance with Municipal Civil Service Act covered under Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code. Members of the initial Committee appointed will serve one to three year terms, as appointed. Subsequent members will be appointed to serve three year terms. The commission will meet at least once a year and then as needed for approximately 1 to 2 hours. In accordance with Chapter 143, members will be appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council.

Minimum Required Qualifications

  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be a resident of the City of Alvin for more than three years.
  • Must be over twenty-five (25) years of age.
  • Must not have held a public office within the preceding three years.

The first Commission was appointed on December 3, 2020. 

Local Civil Service Rules

The Alvin Local Civil Service Rules were adopted in 2021.  An amendment was made by the Commission on January 18, 2023.  


Brandi Molina

Civil Service Director

  1. Clenon J. Mitchell, Jr.

    Place 1

    Appointed: 12/16/2021
    Term Expires: 12/31/2024

  1. Michelle Vela

    Place 2

    Appointed: 12/1/2022
    Term Expires: 12/31/2025

  1. John Burkey

    Place 3

    Appointed: 12/7/2023
    Term Expires: 12/31/2026