Attorney Portal

This information is for attorneys representing defendants in the Alvin Municipal Court.

General Information:

  • Motions must be filed with the Court (3) three business days before the court date for initial appearances. A motion for continuance must include the reason for the continuation. Failure to file your motion timely may cause the motion to be denied. If the case is for a trial setting, you must file the motion (5) five days before the trial. 
  • Request for translation services must be made in writing at the Pre-trial or Attorney docket hearing. 
  • To resolve your clients' case(s) before the court hearing, please email Suzanne Hanneman- Prosecutor, at (agreements must be made before jurors are summoned for cases set for jury trial)

Letter of Representation:

  • A letter of representation is required to be filed on all defendants. All letters of representation and paperwork to the court must be filed through the city's website (see link below). Once the court receives your letter, the case will be set to an attorney docket. The court will let you know the date/time via email.
  • The prosecutor conducts attorney dockets via virtual court. A link will be emailed to you before the hearing.

Court Appearance:

  • Clients that are a juvenile are required to appear in open court. The court requires the defendant, parent/legal guardian, and attorney of record to appear at the hearing. The docket is usually the last Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm.
  • The defendant must appear at all Pre-trial and Trial hearings.
  • If your client was charged with Assault Family Violence, an in-person appearance is required in open court.
  • If you do not appear and the defendant does not appear for the hearing, and no continuance has been granted, a Failure to Appear charge may be filed. 

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