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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday-7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Closed: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

* EMS Services are always available and can be requested by calling 281.388.4370 or in the event of an emergency call 9-1-1.

Director of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Management Coordinator

In An Emergency Call: 911


The E.M.S. Department is comprised of fifteen full-time employees and approximately 30 part-time employees.  The full time staff consists of three supervisors, six paramedics, and six EMT's.  E.M.S. runs three shifts, which rotate twenty-four hours on duty and forty-eight hours off duty.  Each shift is made up of one supervisor, two paramedics, and two EMTs, staffing two trucks full-time.  

Alvin E.M.S. responds to more than 5,400 calls each year and provides Mobile Intensive Care Units to the majority of the calls. The department operates 5 ambulances and 3 response cars. The ambulances are equipped with Advanced Life Support supplies including emergency medications, intravenous fluids (IV's), advanced airway equipment and cardiac monitors/defibrillators.

Mission Statement

The staff of the City of Alvin Emergency Medical Service hereby declare the motive, which impels them to unify in service for the relief of suffering and the support of our fellow man in their time of need.

As members of the City of Alvin Emergency Medical Service, we commit our knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide emergency medical service for the greater Alvin area that exceeds the needs and expectations of those who require our assistance.

We will accomplish our mission by remaining mutually committed to the support and advancement of our attributes while trusting in divine providence for the continuance of our well-being.


The City of Alvin provides advanced 911 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to its citizens and visitors. To continue offering such high-quality service, it is necessary to charge users a fee for ambulance service.  Ambulance fees are established by City Ordinance and are comparable with other local emergency ambulance providers.  Currently, the EMS emergency ambulance transport fees include a base fee of $1,802, a $15 per mile of transport (patient loaded) and a “no transport” fee of $175.

The City’s Emergency Medical Services Ordinance previously allowed residents and commercial businesses to subsidize the cost of maintaining EMS operations in the City by voluntarily contributing a minimum donation to the EMS Fund on a monthly basis.   About 44% of residents participated in this program at some point, but not every month.  In return, for those who voluntarily contributed, the City would waive ambulance transport fees, not covered by a 3rd party insurance carrier.

After assessing the EMS Fund for the past several years, it has been determined that the voluntary donations are not sufficient to curb the net operating losses that the EMS Fund has incurred over the past few years – primarily due to the reduction in the receipt of private and public insurance payments, the reduction in the number of transports, and the increased cost of daily operations. 

On Thursday, September 5, 2019, City Council amended the City’s Comprehensive Fee Ordinance to establish an EMS Utility Fee, which will be added to the monthly water bill beginning October 1, 2019.   The new EMS Utility Fee will be required, and it will take the place of the “minimum voluntary and elective contribution” that had previously been offered.

The EMS program will use the revenue from the mandatory EMS Utility Fee to offset the operating cost of maintaining an EMS program in the City.  In return, per the amended City Ordinance, the City will waive emergency ambulance transport fees not covered by a third-party insurance carrier.


  • Residents (a person who lives in the City Limits) - $6.00 per month (covers every family member who resides in the home)
  • Apartment Complex or mobile home park serviced by a master meter (per each occupied unit) - $6.00 per month
  • Commercial businesses - $10 per month
  • Non-Residents (a person who lives outside the City Limits) - $144 per yea

What would be the financial impact on a resident who is transported 10 miles from his/her home to an emergency room, via ambulance, and is covered by a  3rd party insurance carrier? 


EMS Transport Fee                                    $1,802

EMS Mileage Fee                                      $   150

Average 3rd Party Insurance Coverage   -$   750

Net Transport Fee                                     $ 1,202

Waived by the City                                  -$ 1,202

Total Due from Resident                               $0

When is the required EMS Utility Fee effective?

The EMS Utility Fee is effective October 2019.  The EMS Utility Fee will be assessed to residents and businesses who have water accounts; and will be added to the monthly water bill.

Who is eligible to receive this benefit?
Everyone who resides in a household or apartment unit; or is employed by a business in which the water account holder has paid the required EMS Utility Fee. 

Do I need to register and/or provide insurance information (in advance) for this service?
Prior registration is not required for this service.   Only when ambulance services are provided to you will your information be taken and verified. 

Does this benefit cover EMS transport and non-transport fees?
Yes, any  ambulance service cost will be waived as long as the person receiving service is a resident of Alvin and the utility account holder has paid the mandatory EMS Utility Fee. 

If I live in the county but still in Alvin EMS’s response area, am I eligible to receive this benefit?
There is a non-resident annual fee of $144 which must be paid prior to any medical service or transport for the fees to be waived. Otherwise the patient will be responsible for the amount due after any insurance payments. 

Who do I call if I have more questions?
Alvin EMS, (281) 388-4363


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For billing inquiries, please contact:

16340 Park Ten Place
Suite 325
Houston, TX. 77084
Billing questions: (888) 987-3011

Contact Information

Ron Schmitz

EMS Director of Operations
281.388.4361 (Fax)

Deanna Bray

Asst. EMS Director of Operations
281.388.4361 (Fax)

Katherine Gutierrez

Administrative Assistant
281.388.4361 (Fax)

Alvin City Hall
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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday - 7:00 AM to

6:00 PM
Closed: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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