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Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 140 miles of water mains within the Alvin city limits. Eight employees in this division are responsible for water meter reading, testing and repair, in addition to water main repairs and construction projects.


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Service Procedures and Tips

Water Leaks
The City of Alvin is responsible for maintenance on that portion of a water service connection that runs from the city main to the gasket on the customer's side of the water meter, regardless of whether the meter is located in the front, side or back yards of a lot. Should a customer experience a water leak, the following course of action is suggested.


  • Inside a Structure

If the leak is located inside the structure, go outside and look where the water pipe enters your structure. All newer structures and many of the older ones are equipped with a private in-line disconnect on the pipe entering the structure (looks like the wheel valve on the top of a water spigot that a garden hose would be connected to) that generally can easily be shut off by the customer to stop the flow of water into the structure. If this is not possible, please contact the Public Works offices at 388-4325 or 388-4326 to report the water leak and notify the employee who answers the telephone that an emergency disconnect is needed as water is running into the structure. Please don't attempt to shut the water meter valve off yourself as many of these valves are hard to turn and could result in breaking the valve. If this should happen, the service line would then have to be dug up where connected to the main in order to be shut off thereby increasing the amount of water that will flow into your structure while the additional work is being performed.

  • Outside a structure

If the leak is located outside the structure, please contact the Public Works offices at 388-4325 or 388-4326 to report the water leak. A maintenance crew will be dispatched to resolve the problem. If the leak is located on the customer's private portion of the service line, the city employee will shut off the water at the meter and notify the property owner that the leak is private. The customer can then choose to repair the leak themselves (if equipped) or to contact a plumber for help.


Rusty Water Problems
Rusty water is caused by high iron and manganese levels experienced in most all ground water sources in this part of the state. While iron and manganese are not harmful, high amounts of these minerals may stain laundry or plumbing fixtures. Should a citizen experience rusty water problems, they should contact the Public Works Department office at 388-4325 or 388-4326 to report the problem. An employee will be dispatched to the site to determine the cause and if applicable, will flush the water distribution mains within the affected area. Should staining of laundry occur, DO NOT DRY the materials .

Low or No Water Pressure
Before contacting the City, go outside and check to see if someone has shut off the private in-line disconnect (described on the previous page under the water leak section) as many times children have mischievously done so. If normal pressure is experienced in plumbing fixtures such as the bathtub, but not at sinks, the cause could be buildup of sediment in the aerator screens on sinks (especially in household with galvanized plumbing). Remove the end of the device with a pair of pliers and clean the screen device of the sediment and reinstall. Should neither of these be the cause, contact the Public Works Department office at 388-4325 or 388-4326 and report the low pressure problem. If the problem is not caused by disconnection due to non-payment or work being done in the area, an employee will be dispatched to the site to investigate the problem.

Testing of Water Quality  
As a public water supplier, the City of Alvin is required to pay an annual fee to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to cover its portion of the cost of monitoring the system. On a scheduled basis, state certified laboratories analyze samples taken by either TCEQ inspectors or city employees, depending on the type of test, to monitor water quality. City employees, on a daily basis, test the chlorine residual in the water, and on a weekly basis, submit samples to a laboratory for bacteriological analysis. Anyone desiring a chemical analysis of their water must arrange with a private laboratory and at their own expense.


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